The pages are filled with words.  Some visible.  Some faded.  Some have been the recipients of multiple scribbles and mark throughs.  Black and blue ink.  That is fitting considering the content.  Bruises aren't pretty but they disappear with time.  Lessons are learned.  The stories are real.  They are hard to bear sometimes, and other times they are comforting.  The road has not been easy, but thankfully it hasn't been.  The potholes are easy to miss when you travel back.  The walls I built around myself for so long have been knocked down by the fiercest of wrecking balls.  What may look like ruins are just the remnants of old allowing new light to shine in.  I hope you enjoy listening to the journey in these songs.  I have enjoyed writing them.  

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New Album!
The new EP, Ruins, is out!  Click on the link above to download on iTunes!!!